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New Worlds To Shape

ASTRONEER is a sci-fi survival game created by System Era Softworks. The survival game lets players explore distant planets by gathering alien materials and crafting space vehicles.

Strange Biomes To Visit

ASTRONEER has everything that every survival crafting game already have: gather materials, craft items and discover new places. The game starts by selecting a space suit of their choice and they are launched to a procedurally-generated planet. Players are provided with ample amount of tools and a limited amount of resources. Their oxygen supply is tethered to the base camp and once they wander away, they consume oxygen from their personal tank. Oxygen replenishes if they return to the base camp. They have to eventually venture out of their basecamp to forage materials.

Utilizing The Environment

The game features a unique method of gathering materials. Players utilize a Terrain Tool that functions like a vacuum cleaner where they can carve out the planet’s surface. The Terrain Tool has 3 modes: Excavate, Elevate and Flatten. Excavate gathers soil while Elevate and Flatten consume everything stored from excavating. They can use the Terrain Tool to create holes, bridges, landmarks and temporary shelter but they have to consider physics such as crumbling ceilings and uneven terrain. Soft terrains are easy to pick up like clay while hard terrains require advanced machinery to be excavated. Important resources are situated in patches of soft and hard terrains. Every biome has a colored theme up to 37 variations and the soil can be analyzed by Terrain Analyzer upgrade.  Each material has distinct shapes, ranging from geometric shapes to crystals, canisters and the indescribable. Once they have gathered the necessary materials, they can start crafting as well as upgrade their gears. They can expand their basecamp by constructing modules and vehicles They can combine raw materials into complex ones. Materials like air need special modules like  Atmospheric Condenser. They also have to analyze newly foraged materials so that they can use them.  Players can mount their newly gathered resources on their vehicle if they are too encumbered with materials. Once they have built everything, they can fly to another planet to find new materials.

Live Worlds To Traverse

The survival game has a breathing biome. Players can encounter hazards like storms, acid, alien worms, radiation and more. They have to use their wits to avoid them at all cost because death means dropping everything they are currently carrying. They will respawn on their basecamp without the tools and materials they were carrying before their death. Unlike other survival games that involve gritty and terrifying atmosphere, this game has a cartoony and surreal feel. Finding mysterious Resources and plant life can excite anyone playing the game.

Alien Worlds To Explore

ASTRONEER puts sci-fi elements on the survival genre. Rather than fearing the uncharted worlds, players can feel wanderlust and curiosity as they explore new worlds.


  • Explore new planets
  • Literally reshape landscapes
  • Gather alien materials and craft new items
  • Beautiful soundtrack


  • Generic survival and crafting gameplay
  • Takes time to gather rare materials
  • Complex crafting system
  • No goals or objectives other than upgrading


  • Paid
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.7
  • (33)
  • Security Status

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